Thank you Mongolia

Me and my wife do want to thank your company for the excellent trip you have organized us. We will never forget the time we have spent in your country. Our tour guide was the best tour guide whom we have met in our last two years around the world tour. The driver was excellent, knew the roads and the road condition, even without any road signs. He was so sweet, he was always looking after for our stuff, if he were not there we would lost half of our things on every camping night spot. Knowledge of the guide was very good, she always knew the answers for our questions and all the explanations of attractions we have seen. Main thing of her character is that she always knew how to react in different situations. Thank you again for our brilliant time in your country.

Joan and Marta Spain, 2009

Land of Nomads

The Weeping Camel was my first seen movie about Mongolia, and it made me like the country. It was amazing to see how people are connected with their animals and earth. Open wide steppe, hundreds of kilometers in the Gobi without any fences, animals and humans. I know it is hard to imagine if you have not seen it by yourself. We have been driving for two days to reach the Khongor sand dune in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. It was my dream to see the camels at the oasis of Gobi desert. Tiny little green spot and a small lake in front of the 800m high dunes makes the scenery unbelievable beautiful. Full day camel riding under 35C hot sun made me love the country more and more. I had same experience as nomads, because i felt what they feel everyday. From only one day of camel riding I really admired the nomads, how they are fighting for their life in this big empty, sandy country. I felt very sorry for the camels as they do not have much water to drink everyday. Most of the families do not have water wells close to their campsite, so they need to bring the drink water from far, and take the camels with them to give them a bit water. Seems that nomads do respect more their livestock then anything else. I love the way they handle with their animals. Thanks to my Mongolia trip I have learned so many things about life in the wild countryside, how different it is compare to our used western style of life.