Mongolia tour 2009

Mongolia is the best destinations i have been so far. This year i have managed my trip to Mongolia, after planning for long time. My friend Lisa who had same wish like me was happy to join me for my 10 days tour to Mongolia. I have been searching for days about the country and beyond. Beside getting more knowledge about the country i was also contacting some tour operators for tours. Honestly we where not sure whether we can travel independently. Two agencies came back with good offer for two different destinations, GOBI or Lake KHUVSGUL. I have been talking to my friend about she wants, and we have decided to see the GOBI DESERT as non of us been in gobi before. So we have contacted the company who has offered us gobi desert they promised to show the best of Gobi and Ulanbator. After a month we have been landed in UB in the afternoon. Our guide and driver were waiting us at the arrival hall with our names on a board. The have transferred us to the small hotel in the center of the city. The hotel name was Miami, 3 store green building within apartment blocks. Very quiet and clean. We had nice shower and dinner in the evening in the restaurant of the hotel. Delicious western food. Early in the morning our guide and driver showed up again to start the tour to the gobi desert. Our first two days of driving was really tough, very long way of driving and really nothing to see on the way. In the evening of second day we have camped near the ice canyon. Our guide advised us to see the vulture canyon in the morning as we will have more change to see the wild animals such as ibex, wild sheep, and so on. In the morning before entering the canyon we have seen a very small natural museum about the Gurvan saikhan national park. We got more idea what the guide was explaining us about the wild life. two hours walking in the fresh air in the ice canyon was amazing and to see the ice in the middle of gobi desert was fascinating. Our clever guide was trying to show us an ibex walking on the mountain. It was hardly to recognize that there is an animal going there, because the ibex has similar color as the rock has. My friend had a pocket binocular with her, which was very helpful. After lunch we drew to the Hongor sand dunes which take us another few hours of driving on the bumpy roads. At the dunes we have spent 2 nights. On the 4th day we have camel riding around the dunes. Even i had fear of the camels i have enjoyed the short ride. Our camel man was helpful and was using body language to communicate with us. It was pity that we did not bring ang gifts for the nomads and their children. We asked our guide whether we can give our candies and chocolate bars to the kids and buy it later at the shop in small towns. On the following day we have driving to the Bayanzag-The Red F lamming cliffs. On the way we had a stop at the Bulgan sum, where we bought some more food and candies. At the cliffs we were staying at a nomadic family. The way their living was interesting for me, all family members in one round ger with so small space for everybody. Our guide explained us that it takes less then two hours for building up a ger. That is amazing!!!! we had great opportunity to sleep with the family on the floor in our sleeping bags. They gave us a mattresses made of felt. But it was awful hard, my back was hurting in the morning.
Me personally did not like much the monastery ruin at the Ongi river. there were some ruins but not much things to see. But i have loved my stay at the waterfalls. yak riding to the waterfall made me love the country more then before. We have spent another day without driving. The nomadic family made us traditional barbecue called khorkhog. It was delicious but i had stomachache after eating khorkhog and drinking Mongolian sour yogurt. Our guide was

reminding us not to mix, but i wanted to try it. It is really not recommended. Even nomads are not fixing yogurt and meat. :) On our last day we have spent a night in the harhorin city. This is the ancient capital city of Mongolia from Chingis Han time. now there is a museum monastery called Erdene Zuu. you can see some tankas from 17th and 18 th centuries, which i found very interesting. In the night it rained and our tents wre totally wet. It was terrible night. In the morning we drew back to the city. On the way we have been to hustai national park where the wild horses are herding in the nature. it took us 2 hours to find the horses. A bit stressful but interesting. I was very afraid that we will not see the horses.
We have arrived very late in the afternoon ion the city. After checking in at the hotel we have seen a folklore concert. Oh!the throat singing was amazing, i cannot understand from where the tones are coming out. In the morning our guide and driver have transferred us to the airport. Thank you to our guide Soko and driver Zoogi. They were brilliant, they made us love the country. Hope to see you some day.

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